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When you hear a word “Siberia”, your imagination immediately draws pictures of a cold, mysterious and devastated place, but you cannot be more wrong. In fact Siberia is not only taiga (boreal forest) and tundra, but also big and dynamic cities with thousands of residents. Tomsk, being founded in 1604 as a fortress on the bank of the Tom River, is one of the oldest Siberian cities. Today Tomsk is a prominent research and cultural center. The city retrains its historical legacy and preserves the monuments of wooden architecture of the 17-18th centuries (the city is world-known for its “wooden-lace” architecture). At the same time Tomsk may boast an image of a modern city thanks to its Special Economic Zone, a network of business incubators, original modern sculptures and strong Universities. The city offers many places to visit and things to do. Join us in a captivating trip to Siberia, you will not be disappointed!

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Tomsk is a city with its own charm and appeal, there is no other place like Tomsk. Well- known wooden architecture of Tomsk is a magnificent heritage of art. Beautiful houses dressed in carved lace make Tomsk a Unique destination attracting admirers from different parts of the world. Decorated with “wooden lace“ houses, gold-plated church domes and cozy cobbled streets have earned Tomsk a title of Siberia’ s historical center. Tomsk of XXl century is a cosmopolitan city combining diverse cultures.


Speaking of Siberian cuisine, one should mention that it is different from all otherworld cuisines. Food here is very delicious and nourishing. From times far back, Siberian people have been dealing with cattle breeding, hunting and fishing, therefore, genuine Siberian cuisine is usually a combination of meat, game, fish and unique taiga seasonings. You can taste dishes of bear and elk meat, unique cedar nut milk and sweets, pinecone jam and many others. Those of you, who think that this kind of food is too heavy, do not need to worry. Tomsk offers its guests a full range of different cafes and restaurants serving dishes of diverse cuisines: from Russian to Mediterranean and Chinese.

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