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This campaign is conducted through the cooperation of ten cities--Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Metro Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Tomsk and Tokyo. Its objective is to promote tourism by appealing to travelers from Western countries Oceania and other countries in Asia.

Campaign activities include creation of posters and leaflets and conducting PR campaigns in ten of the cities using these materials. A variety of initiatives are implemented including the distribution of information via this Website.

Joint Declaration of the 17th Meeting of the Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia

We, the representatives of the tourism administration in the cities of Hanoi, Jakarta, Metro Manila, Taipei, Tomsk, and Tokyo, have held a productive discussion on further strengthening the tourism networks of Asia's 10 Cities.
December 2019 saw the emergence of COVID-19, and today, more than one year on, it continues to rage unabated throughout the world. Additionally, in a situation that does not encourage optimism, the global tourism industry is suffering unprecedented impacts from the curtailed movement of people and things caused by entry restrictions imposed worldwide. To enable us to respond to this situation, each city must strengthen its crisis management systems, sharing information, and working closely with each other to overcome these difficulties.
In today's world, tourism encompasses a wide range of activities including, for example, sightseeing, shopping, conferences, exhibitions, sports, education, science and technology, fashion and the arts, medical, and agriculture/environment-themed tourism. However, in the present era of COVID-19, this novel coronavirus disease is providing the impetus for a wide variety of societal changes such as accelerating non-face-to-face and contactless service and digitalization. We must review our tourism policies to date, and work on initiatives aligned with societal changes in order to enable anyone to enjoy traveling safely and with peace of mind.
To achieve this, cities will work together to devise new post-COVID-19 tourism promotion arrangements, while also building a 10-city tourism network focused on attracting tourists from North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the like.
In closing, the council, based on the above understanding, has agreed to the points below, and makes the following declaration.

(1) The Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia (CPTA) aspires to the prosperity and development of the tourism network of Asia’s 10 cities (Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Metro Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Tomsk).

(2) For the present we shall undertake the following as joint projects.
● Sharing information on the tourism measures taken by each city beset by COVID-19
● Advancing marketing campaigns that leverage the brand of each city
● Website planning/operation
● Promoting collaboration in reciprocal marketing among member cities

(3) The CPTA secretariat shall be located in Tokyo, and each of the cities shall take turns at hosting the meetings.

(4) The cities shall work to further tourism exchange among member cities.

(5) The 2021 meeting shall be hosted by Metro Manila at a suitable timing.

(6) In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the member cities shall deliberate together on a course of action.

January 20, 2021
Location not recorded due to remote convening

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Let’s explore Asian cities!
Let’s explore
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