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Metro Manila

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Metropolitan Manila or the National Capital region is your premier destination in the Philippines – vibrant, rich, colorful, fun, and everything in-between. The Metropolis is the major gateway to the country’s 7,641 alluring islands. Metro Manila is the nation’s heart and soul, the central nerve of all activities in the country, the seat of government, the center of trade and economic activities, and the core of education, culture, and the arts.

The National Capital Region is a blend of the past and the present, of striking contrasts and contradictions. While it is blessed with significant historical and cultural destinations, it also boasts of modish skyscraping edifices and state of the art shopping malls.

Metro Manila is a vibrant metropolis covering an area of 636
square kilometers. It is always a favored location for shopping, leisure, entertainment, convention, health and wellness, and cuisine. There’s a lot to experience in its 16 cities and municipality.


Metropolitan Manila is a multi-faceted destination with its strings of cultural dynamism.
Aliwan Festival is one of Metro Manila’s festivities. Aliwan is a tagalog word for “entertainment” or “amusement.” It is one of the Philippines’ grandest fiesta that is being held in Metro Manila during the summer months. It is an annual event that showcases the different Filipino cultures and heritage.

Metro Manila is also the home to various art museums. The National Museum of the Philippines splendors the greatest art pieces of Philippine history, such as the Spolarium. For a geeky experience, there is Mind Museum, an interactive science museum.


Food is a huge part of Filipino culture. Filipino cuisine is an exotic, tasteful fusion of oriental, European, and American culinary influences.
Metro Manila is home to famous Filipino cuisines like adobo, lechon, sinigang, and kare-kare. You must also try “Balut,” one of the country’s exotic delicacies.

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