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As a new capital established on the east bank of the Chao Phraya by King Phra Phutthayotfa of the Chakkri dynasty over 225 years ago, Krungthep, known among the others as Bangkok, develops unceasingly and properly. Its name literally translated as City of Angels does depict that this is the right place for both the locals and visitors. Fresh evidence even reveals Bangkok among the top destinations of value. Every dollar counts and whatever you seek, the city possesses! Let’s wonder about the 5.8-square-kilometre historic area of Rattanakosin with glittering Grand Palace at its core. Of all 50 districts, the area is merely part of Phra Nakhon. Guess what? You’ll discover the world in there, the previous riverside capital called Thonburi, a bombarded site since World War II, the main artery of the country with its subsidiary channels offshore, the worldwide-known spot of backpackers dating from King Chulalongkon’s times, the hallmarks of democracy in the kingdom, major Buddhist temples near Chinese shrines and Muslim mosques, a bustling a strolling bike named “tuk-tuk”, renowned restaurants with charming market-stalls, lovely recreation areas, and many more. Join us now and be fascinated!


Thai Food: The Regular Recipe That Feeds the World

There is fish in the water and rice in the fields.? This over-700-year-old usual saying among Thais since the Sukhothai period portrays Thailand as not only an agriculture-based country but a very fertile place to live in. Our staples are rice, fish, fresh vegetables and other produce that comprise most of the ingredients. A good recipe for Thai dishes and desserts naturally contains some certain herbs and spices that nurture your health. A Thai family knows well that food is medicine in itself and so spreads out the knowledge to the world. Though a higher class seems rather intricate, even more visitors do not want to miss out our basic Thai cooking lessons. Tom-yam-kung, for instance, is one of the most popular and favourite Thai dishes among our curious visitors. Just try to have some other savoury and sweet dishes and learn how having a Thai meal looks like: tot-man-pla-krai, kaeng-khiaw-wan-nuea, tom-kha-kai, nam-phrik-long-ruea, mi-krop, som-tam-thai, phat-thai-kung-sot, khao-niaw-ma-muang, kra-thon-loi-kaew, lot-chong-nam-ka-thi, luk-chup, kha-nom-khrok, etc. Enjoy!

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