Welcome to Asia campaign: Tourism information on the eight major cities of Asia

This campaign is conducted through the cooperation of nine cities--Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Maynila,Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. Its objective is to promote tourism by appealing to travelers from Western countries, Oceania, and other countries in Asia. Campaign activities include creation of posters and leaflets, and conducting PR campaigns in nine of the cities using these materials. A variety of initiatives are implemented, including the distribution of information via this Website.

Basic policy and main operations to develop the Welcome to Asia Campaign

Introduction to the charms of Asian cities

This corner introduces many award winning photos from contests held in our cities.
Enjoy viewing the attractions we have to offer.

A collection of web links providing crisis management-related information in Asia.

Let’s take a tour of Asia with ?One Asia pass?!
Let’s take a tour of Asia with ?One Asia pass?!

Selected international events in Asia

Unique events held in our cities

A wealth of helpful information for young visitors to our cities

A collection of web links providing travel information on our cities

Links to each city's tourism information sites